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Matchbox King Size K2 Muir Hill Dumper by Lesney
This little, cool diecast vehicle is the latest addition to my Matchbox King Size collection. The Matchbox King Size series is my absolute favourite and I have managed to collect almost all of the models which I will be sharing with you here on this blog.

The Matchbox King Size K2 Muir-Hill was first released in 1960 and it was produced from 1960 to 1964, all the production was done in England by Lesney.

It has a red painted body, black plastic tyres and a silver trim to the grille, the dump bucket can be tipped. The duper has ‘Muir Hill’ decals applied to the sides. The vehicle is 77 mm long. The driver’s chair and steering wheel is metal and swivels, which is an awesome feature and certainly adds to playability.

matchbox muir hill k2

The Matchbox K2 Muir Hill Dumper was replaced in 1964 by the KW Dart dumper truck.

and here is the real thing on one of the videos I found on YouTube