The Sailor Professional Gear Slim Fire is the last in Sailors “Elements” series, following Sky, Earth and Ocean. It arrives in September 2019. WE ARE ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS.

The Sailor Professional Gear Slim Fire is an attractive and distinctive pen, in a unique and durable red / orange PMMA resin.

The classic square ended PG shape in the smaller and convenient size, this is a useful and attractive pen. The Sailor Professional Gear Slim Fire offers seven nib grades of the smooth 14 carat gold sailor nib. It has a screw on cap, spring clip, gold cap band and uses the convenoient cartridge / converter filling system.

As with the others in this series, with the launch of the Sailor Professional Gear Fire production of the previous model (Ocean) has ceased.

An image showing the respective sizes of the Slim, Standard and King pens is shown.

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Length (pen only): 111mm
Length (capped): 124mm
Length (posted): 144mm

Diameter (cap band): 15mm
Diameter (barrel): 12mm
DIameter (section): 10mm

Weight (complete, empty): 17g
Weight (pen only, empty): 9g
Weight (cap): 8g

Additional information

Nib Size

EF, F, M, B


Black, Blue