Sailor PG Slim Blue Dwarf


Sailor PG Slim Blue Dwarf Fountain Pen


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With the Sailor PG Slim Blue Dwarf, Sailor have transported us to the far distant future of the universe.

A predicted class of star, a blue dwarf was a red dwarf that has exhausted much of its hydrogen fuel supply. They will become white dwarfs when their hydrogen is exhausted, and will eventually become Black Dwarfs.  Unfortunately, the Universe has not existed long enough for this to actually happen, so we are indebted to Sailor for creating this beautiful resin to give us a hint what we’re in for, if we’re still around to witness it, which we won’t be.

But it’s a beautiful pen.   The  Sailor PG Slim Blue Dwarf is up there with with the best of the PG Slim cosmologically inspired series – a small pen with a generous range of standard nibs, EF to B, plus the astounding Zoom and amusing Music.  The stellar blue resin is flecked with metallic particles, and each pen is supplied with a converter.

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