Introducing “Unboxing of the month” series.


Tram Station is very busy unboxing all the cool collectibles and we probably have 2-3 unboxings every week. There isn’t enough time to post them all here on the blog but…Every month we will pick the best one and post pictures here. So without further ado, here it is.

June 2015

Restored Doll Steam Engine

Restored Doll Steam Engine

Restored Doll Steam Engine

I have bought this beauty from my friend Michael, he has fully restored this vintage Doll engine. I’m not sure how old it is but from what Michael tells me it’s probably from 1920’s, I don’t have any Doll stem engine catalogues at the moment but I will update the info as soon as I find out more. As you can see it arrived packaged really well, with protective foam and loads of bubble wrap.

Doll Steam Engine

Just look at this beauty.

I love the detail as well as the colour scheme. The red, green and gold work very well together. It is a true masterpiece.

Doll Steam Engine on shelf

and here is it unboxed 🙂

I’ll be soon make a video of the engine running and I will be also publishing another post on renovating it with all the before and after pictures.